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Kai Jaeger in 2014APL Team Ltd is a small IT Consultancy (nothing wrong with being small) specializing in "Agile Programming", a paradigm that employs tools and methods for short, multi-pass development cycles in close collaboration with the client or end-user. After having moved from Copenhagen to England in 2005 I, Kai Jaeger, have founded APL Team Ltd.

I do not view software creation as an engineering process. Much more I believe it should be an evolutionary process instead.

That's why I strongly believe in the agile approch

Keep it simple

There is one sure-fire recipe for making any piece of software unusable: strive implement every single feature that could be conceived as being useful.

This will inevitably ensure that the users will not be able to find the functionality they are looking for, and the system will become increasingly difficult to maintain due to its inherent complexity.

There is only one way to solve this problem: keep it simple!


APL Team Ltd is a distribution partner of Dyalog Ltd for the German speaking area of Europe. See

for details